Jackson County holds municipal elections

Latest unofficial results from Tuesday's Jackson County municipal elections. (MGN)
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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) -- Municipal elections were held in Jackson County Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

The cities of Graceville, Sneads, Marianna, and Grand Ridge all held elections for some city positions. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens had to take extra precautions, like going in one at a time to vote, wiping off voting screens, disposing of pens after use, and using hand sanitizer.

“It's going really good. Voters have not had to wait in line very long at all. Everyone has been very cooperative. Everyone is using face masks for protection and gloves as needed, and it's just been really convenient for everybody,” said Mike Ubias, a voting clerk for the city of Marianna.

Unofficial results from Tuesday's Jackson County municipal elections:

Graceville City Commissioner, Group 2
Walter L. Olds - 308
Velma Wright - 86

Graceville City Commissioner, Group 4
Marshall Davis - 231
Samantha Reed Angerbrandt - 102
Walter Douglas Jr. - 64

Graceville Question 1
(Term Limits, Specific Election and Qualification Dates, Checks and Balances for the City of Graceville)
Yes - 135
No - 256

Graceville Question 2
(Elected Police Chief for the City of Graceville Rather than Appointed)
Yes - 133
No - 255

Sneads Town Councilman, Group 1
George Alexander - 180
Tim Arnold - 115.

Sneads Town Councilman, Group 2
Donovan Weeks - 207
Daryl Johnson Sr. - 87.

Grand Ridge Mayor
Richard G. Gable - 150
Rhul Edenfield - 114

Grand Ridge Council Member, Seat 2
Kenneth Stephens - 138
Malvin Chris Wright Jr. - 125

Grand Ridge Council Member, Seat 3
Tracy Hagan - 163
Thomas L. Peaden - 100

Grand Ridge Council Member, Seat 4
Kimberly Johnson Applewhite - 156
Ashley Gilley -110.

Marianna City Commissioner, Group 2
John E. Roberts - 100
Isaiah Long - 21.

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