Is plasma the answer to help fight coronavirus?

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MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) -- As the number of people with confirmed cases of the coronavirus increases, there may be a silver lining.

Doctors are trying to determine if previously infected people can now help save lives.

If you have recovered from the coronavirus and have shown no signs or symptoms for at least 14 days, you’re encouraged to donate plasma.

“Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. It makes up about 50 percent. There are a lot of healing factors in it,” said LifeSouth coordinator Eric Franchois.

Doctors are currently trying to find out whether the yellow plasma from recovered coronavirus patients is liquid gold, when it comes to saving lives during the current pandemic.

“The FDA is investigating a new drug that can be used from the plasma from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and are no longer showing symptoms. Plasma may contain antibodies that can be used to help treat patients who are currently battling COVID-19,” said Franchois.

If you’re able to donate blood, you’re able to donate plasma.

Employees at LifeSouth say hospitals across the country are involved in the current test, and they say the logic adds up.

“The theory is kind of if you recover from COVID-19 that means your body has created almost an immunity or a defense system against COVID-19. It’s hopeful that you’re able to kind of pass that extra boost of antibodies to a patient who still might be battling and might need that additional boost to their immune system,” said Franchois.

Employees at blood centers all across the Tennessee Valley say there is a big need for everyone to donate blood and plasma.

It’s important to know, if you have recovered from the coronavirus, you need to schedule an appointment to donate plasma or blood before showing up.

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