Irma's Impact on the Cotton Crop

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Headland, AL (WTVY) -- Irma didn't leave much of an impact on the peanut crop in the Wiregrass but it's a different story for cotton.

In Henry County there are 25,000 acres of cotton.

10 to 15 percent of that acreage was damaged by Irma's gusty winds Monday.

That would be equivalent to over 2,000 acres that were impacted.
Jimmy Jones with the Henry County Extension Office says Columbia suffered the most damage with winds gusting over 40 mph in that area.

Irma's impact will not put the cotton harvest behind but Jones says farmers will have to be more careful when picking their cotton.

Jones says, "The 10 percent we've lost is not the end of the world, we want to still encourage these growers to get out there and defoliate and pick this cotton and i think they're going to be surprised, there's still a lot of cotton left on the stalk."

Jones says they hope to have all cotton picked by the end of November.

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