Iowa's Hurts Donuts creepy clown delivers donuts and fear

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IOWA -- (WTVY) A visit from the Hurts Donuts ambulance would appear to be a good thing, that's before taking a look at its newest passenger. On Thursday, Hurts Donuts in Coralville made 15 deliveries with a creepy clown. It's a limited time delivery option they're offering select days during the month of October.

"It's just something fun that we're doing to get everybody in the Halloween spirit a little bit," Hurts Donuts Co-Owner Kyle Howard, said.

Howard said they got a lot of calls from wives trying to scare their husbands, and parents trying to scare their kids at the University of Iowa.

"Some people are scared of it and they run other people don't really know quite what to think," Howard said.

The last delivery of the day was for UI freshman Trevor Cardenas -- his mom was trying to give him a bit of scare with his birthday.

"I wasn't really scared because I'm not really afraid of clowns. I was just more surprised what the treat was that my mom sent for my birthday," he said. Cardenas said it's his mom who is the one that is scared of clowns, and that she'll be getting a taste of revenge with her own surprise delivery.

Though not everyone is as brave as Cardenas. Innocent bystanders took the delivery worse than he did, and prior deliveries had people running.

"We had one individual decide to take off running from us and we never did get to deliver the donuts to her so we had to give them to her friend. She's just afraid of clowns, her husband sent us," Howard said.

Howard, the man behind the mask, said he enjoyed delivering a fright alongside a dozen donuts.

"So it's kind of like comfort food," he said.

Hurts Donuts will make more clown deliveries on Friday. Howard said they expect to have more delivery dates with it open up later on in the month.

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