Investigations begin into Holmes County plane crash

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GRACEVILLE, FL (WTVY) -- Authorities have identified the pilot in the deadly Holmes County crash.

The long-time manager of the Tri-County Airport, Clarence "Ed" Bowers, died when his single engine plane went down and burst into flames.

Now the investigation begins into the crash. Members of the F-A-A and the National Transportation Safety Board arrived at the crash site in Graceville Thursday afternoon.

Adam Gerhardt from the NTSB said ""We'll be looking at three components, looking at the wreckage, looking at the weather conditions and looking at the pilot."

It's not just the F-A-A looking for answers. The Holmes County Sheriff's Office also wants to find out what happened as the plane was going down.

Holmes County Sheriff, John Tate said "That's the million dollar question, is to find out, you know as close as we can to actually what happened. There are some witnesses on scene who said that he took the plane out on a test flight, possibly to try and work on it, to find out maybe what was wrong with it."

Zane Smith works at the Tri-County-Airport, and he won't forget working with Bowers.

"Flying with him was a little nerve wracking whenever we got off the ground felt like everything sank into you but whenever we got leveled out it was like you can fly yourself like an angel and right now he's up there with them. "

The F-A-A and the National Transportation Safety Board will be releasing their report on the crash involving Bowers. The investigation could take up to a year.

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