Inmates Graduate From Heavy Equipment Certification Course

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WTVY) — Congratulations are in order for Walton County’s new heavy equipment operators.

Five men are now certified heavy equipment operators and the title speaks for itself.

The brand new course was no easy task, but these five stuck it out and now they're graduates.

The men completed 200 hours of heavy equipment training.
"They were able to submit an application just like they would for a job, and we interviewed them and we chose five for the first class out of that group," said instructor Deputy Frank Araneo.

The course focused on equipment safety, preventative maintenance and equipment operations.

Something Twain Williams Jr. was familiar with, but a new skill he wanted to acquire

"I played sports all my life and my uncle owns businesses with all this equipment, so I just wanted to give it a try,” said Williams.

The course also allowed Williams and the other inmates to spend 4 days a week-10 hours a day outside the jail walls.

Their instructor deputy Frank Araneo says this certification is a huge accomplishment with benefits that will help these men once they leave jail.

"A lot of contractors we've talked to in Walton county are looking for operators , that are in need of operators and they said send them to us and we'll put them to work," said Araneo.

Something the inmates are excited to hear!

The course also takes time off their sentence and Deputy Araneo says all five inmates will be free by the end of this year.

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