Infants, toddlers could soon attend public school in Dothan

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Dothan (WTVY)-- Dothan City Schools Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards hopes to expand the system's early childhood educational opportunities and include toddlers and babies.

Dothan School Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards discusses the future of magnet, other schools in this July 30, 2018 photo.

“I believe you need to have early childhood learning centers and would like to see programs for (ages one to three and babies),” Dr. Edwards told WTVY.

While she applauds the city's Preschool Head Start Center, Edwards believes opportunities for young children should be broadened. She said classes could teach language development, motor skills, and help students develop social skills.

Edwards, on August 16, will present several long range proposals to school board members including magnet schools, consolidation, and curriculum. All of them, she promises, will include expanding the city's early education program.

She also plans to recommend several schools be closed and suggests one or more of them could be re-purposed for early education.

“If you spend a dollar (investing in children) you'll get it back seven times. We don't mind spending $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 to keep people in prison, why are we not focusing on education?”, Edwards asked.

The board is expected to vote on her recommendations in October or November.