Hurricane victims hoping to hit big in mega lottery

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CAMPBELLTON, Fla. (WTVY) -- The Mega Millions jackpot is now soaring to nearly $670 million.

People across the Florida boarder were seen flocking to Fortune Liquors hoping to hit it big Tuesday night.
But this jackpot means much more now, than ever before, due to the major impact of Hurricane Michael.

"Our goal for winning, if the Lord blesses us to do that, would be a blessing to our family members, my church family members, and those less fortunate." said Hurricane Victim Jeanette Sanders.

"It looked like a bomb exploded in Panama City. It was terrible," said Volunteer Kellie Magby. "People's houses were destroyed, roofs were everywhere, power lines were down on 231 leading even leading into Panama City."

Many are hoping this jackpot can be used to help rebuild communities and lives affected by Hurricane Michael.

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