Hurricane Michael still affecting homes in Panhandle

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jul. 2, 2019 at 4:18 PM CDT
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Hurricane Michael is still causing problems for residents in the Florida panhandle. More than 9 months later, we found one family struggling to find help.

A friend of the Harris family reached out to WTVY because the family is living in a home with no roof, no air conditioning, and no electricity. The family said it’s like they’re living outside.

"It's like a nightmare, it’s like a nightmare. We go through the pain and struggle every day, trying to get better, calling people and everything but there's no answer, there's no help coming around,” Homeowners, Regina Harris and Kejuan Thomas said.

Many residents of Jackson County are still recovering from the storm. But a local homeless advocate heard about the family’s situation and decided to help.

"Because basically of the young man, his whole attitude is like this isn't even fazing him. He just wants to go to school, he wants to be successful,” homeless advocate, Vonda Tyson Polhill said.

Several churches in the area have helped out the family, but could only do so much. FEMA gave them $13,000 for repairs but Harris says that’s not enough to replace the roof.

"Like I told FEMA, does it take the house to fall down on me and my son for somebody to really open up their eyes and see that we need help? You understand, it doesn’t take that," Harris said.

Harris said she and her son have asthma and mold from where the damage inside the house is causing health issues.

"It's like Jackson County was just forgotten, they're doing a little bit around but we're still here struggling almost a year later," Harris said.

The family is continuing to stay positive throughout the whole situation.

"Because God is not going to allow us to live this way continually. So all I have to do is keep praying and keep believing and standing on God's word because that’s all I have left."

The Harris family is not sure where to turn next, they are just hoping for a miracle.

One resource for struggling families is the North Florida Inland Recovery Group. For more information, you can visit their website

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