Hundreds of Wiregrass students attend Troy U business summit

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - Students walking around Troy’s Dothan campus Thursday were a little younger than campus officials are used to.

Dr. Carmen Lewis, Associate Dean of Non-Traditional Students at Troy’s Dothan campus, says "Today is a wonderful day filled with workshops, covering all things business. We have three distinct competitions running today."

Over 200 students from area high schools competed…hoping to win a $2500 scholarship.

"We really just want to plant a seed with these students. We want them to get excited about something in business," replied Lewis.

It's an effort Troy University officials hope will ease tensions when it comes to choosing a major.

Dr. Lane Eckis, Associate Professor of Economics at Troy’s Dothan campus, says "We wanted to make them aware of the business degrees in the areas of marketing, management, human resources, economics, and finance. Through various breakout sessions, we're able to provide them this wonderful day of learning."

"It doesn't really matter what it is, we just want them to kind of reflect and decide what their talents and passions are. There's nothing that would please us more than to kind of help those students get on their career path early," said Lewis.

Both Lewis and Eckis agree that the youth summit has grown over the years.

"We actually had to cap registration this year because of the seating capacities. We used to say "Okay, we have to limit it to the first 200 participants." That's one way which it’s grown, so that definitely pleases us," said Lewis.

:"I think next year, the future vision, we're going to push for all schools to participate in at least one competition. We want to not force an impact, but it's the engagement and networking where you really get the most out of your day...from our perspectives," replied Eckis.

13 high schools participated this year's youth summit.

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