Hundreds of Wiregrass jobs in need of filling

(WTVY News 4)
Published: May. 1, 2018 at 11:12 PM CDT
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Business is growing in the Wiregrass, and of course with more business, comes a higher demand for workers.

There are more than 1300 jobs available and this summer, with a multitude of different businesses coming to the area, those positions will need to be filled.

Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce Project Manager Steve Turkoski says, "Theres already quite a lengthy list of companies looking to employ people in the area."

Including businesses like the Metro Diner,Rural Kings, International Beams, and retail giant Next Level Apparel, who is expected to bring at least 100 jobs to Ashford.

Currently, about 42,000 people work in Houston County, and almost 16,000 commute in daily.

"People are willing to drive further.. and longer in order to get a well paying job."

For some positions, specific skill sets are desired, but for almost any job the basic requirements are the same.

"They need people who will show up on time, drug free, be punctual every day not just once in while.. and not be antagonistic or in a fighting spirit."

Including courtesy, patience and a willingness to make a customer satisfied.

The biggest question remains.. Where can people go to find these better paying jobs in the Wiregrass?

Turkoski encourages you to keep up with the media, visit the aidt website, career centers, and online staffing agencies.