Hundreds of FEMA trailers delivered to Hurricane Michael victims

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Bay County, Fla. (WJHG) -- According to FEMA officials, almost 400 trailers have been delivered to Hurricane Michael victims, 276 of them in Bay County.

The deadline to apply for a trailer or housing assistance has passed, but applications are still being looked at.

Those who applied before the deadline should know it's a lengthy process. After an application, come several inspections and interviews to determine eligibility.

Another part of the process is determining where a trailer can go.

"So the renters, if you're eligible for the direct housing program, then your trailer will be placed on a commercial area. If you're a homeowner, then we can definitely do an inspection on your private property to see if we can place a trailer on your private property, if not then we will place it on a commercial property," FEMA Spokesperson Lenisha Smith said.

Local leaders are working on clearing commercial sites but those who receive trailers are responsible for getting utilities.

Hurricane victims living in the trailers have 18 months to find a permanent solution.

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