How to safely view the solar eclipse

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Dothan, AL (WTVY) In 6 days the total solar eclipse will cross from the west coast to the east.
The moon will entirely block out the sun and get dark for a brief time.
Most local stores have sold out of eclipse glasses, there are a few alternatives to protect your eyes.

Dr. Brent McKinley with Dothan Eye Care says:
"You don't want the once in a lifetime chance of watching the eclipse to leave you with a permanent reminder of it in the form of vision loss."

It's an opportunity that shouldn't be taken lightly...
McKinley says:
"With the solar eclipse, if you don't have the correct solar glasses or solar filters to protect your eyes you can end up burning your retina and causing permanent vision loss or blindness."

Solar eclipse glasses are the best option…
McKinley says:
“They do filter out ultraviolet infrared and about 99.9 percent of the intense visible light."

The solar eclipse will be between 87 and 92 percent visible in our area.
It is safe to be outside during the eclipse...
Protective eyewear is key especially for small children...
Laura Stakelum, Public Relations Director at Landmark Park says:
"We've found that you can actually cut out of a paper plate the shape of your glasses and tape them to the plate and then when the kids put them on there not able to look around it."
Stakelum is talking about the special eclipse glasses.

There are other options though.
Made possible with a few household items…
A box, tape, aluminum foil, a white piece of paper and a thumbtack…

While using your pinhole viewer, simply look through the open side of the box allowing the sun to go directly through the pinhole then you should be able to see a white circle on your paper at the end of the box and then you'll be able to see the moon eating away at its shape as the eclipse is happening with no glasses required.

So whatever viewing option you choose, the time to prepare is now.

McKinley finishes with:
“Here in Dothan and surrounding areas, we're not in the path of where we will have a total eclipse so no matter what part of the eclipse we are seeing or partial you need to have protection."

All pre-sale glasses for Landmark Park's solar eclipse viewing party have sold out.
However, they will offer free eclipse glasses to the first 300 people to come on August 21.
Glasses will also be available for purchase for $3.

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