Houston County student wins Alabama Gifted Student of the Year

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Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 3:15 PM CDT
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One Houston County High School student is making history.... after he was the first in the area to win the Alabama Gifted Student of the Year award.

Jeremiah Hall is no ordinary student, a seventh-grader at Houston County High School and a three-year gifted student. But he says this award is just a way to show students that they can achieve greatness too.

"The reason they're in my class is because they have potential to be great leaders, and do great things, with the mind they were given," says Karen Mann, Houston County schools gifted specialist.

That's exactly what Jeremiah Hall is.... a leader - and why the Alabama Association for Gifted Children awarded him 2019 Alabama Gifted Student of the Year.

"But the beauty of this situation is that Jeremiah has taken everything I've ever said and it's soaked in and he took that initiative to move forward with his gifts. And his gifts even spread further into the school and into the community so he was well-deserving," Mann said.

The award of excellence is not based on GPA..... but achievement, leadership and going above and beyond in and outside the classroom.

And the first student that popped into Ms. Mann's head.... Jeremiah Hall.

"So I'm thinking I was just going there to see a gifted convention and she started naming things that the gifted student of the year has done and stuff and she started naming some familiar things I had done so I was guessing oh is it me? Is it me? Or could it be someone else? And then when I said my name I was like is this real am I dreaming?" Jeremiah Hall, Alabama Gifted Student of the Year said.

Jeremiah is an all-around student involved in band, junior beta club, and the creator of the Alabama interactive room at Webb Elementary.

But the gifted student program has provided more opportunities than his family could imagine.

"Push this program not just for the elementary age students but also for the high school students because it has not only brought a lot out of my son but also other kids. And as a parent I would like to see this even go further into the high school so that my son can still be part of that and for it to not just stop in elementary school," Angela Hall, Jeremiah's mom said.

The award is not only important to him and his family but the entire Houston County Community.

"Cause I've always wanted to do something great to help the community, to be a role model for others, and to show others how you can succeed. And show others how no matter what nothing is impossible, you can reach your goals, you just have to put your hear and your best into it and believe in yourself," Jeremiah Hall said.

Jeremiah hopes with this award that it will boost his confidence to be governor one day.

The Alabama Interactive Room Jeremiah created will be a place for teachers to take students for lessons across the curriculum. The room will be up and running this spring.

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