Houston County promotes community health

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) Flu season is upon us once again.

A flu shot is given at the Houston County Health Department during their clinic.

The Houston County Health department is already taking preventative measures by hosting flu clinics.

The clinics are done on a walk-in basis, meaning you do not need to make an appointment. This eliminates wait time for patients.

Many cases of influenza are already being reported across the state, including Chambers, Russell and Lee county.

“It’s important to get the flu shot every year of course, to keep from getting the flu," said Houston County Health Department nurse manager Brenda Moulton.

Getting shots is obviously one way to stay a step ahead of getting sick, but taking care of your overall health is equally important.

Many in the area were able to get free health information and more at Dothan Leisure services wellness workshop.

“This is an opportunity for them to come and get a screening that maybe I need to go and visit my doctor for further testing," said Dothan Leisure Services recreation coordinator Stephanie Wingfield.

Combining healthy habits with regular check-ups and screenings could lower your chances of getting sick.

“It is for awareness and prevention, so when you come and you test, then you find out early," Wingfield said, "you can take precautions or start medication so you don’t get as sick.”

Health officials warn if you are already suffering flu-like symptoms to contact your health provider, and limit your public interaction to avoid spreading the illness.

The Houston County flu clinic will resume again October 4. You can walk in and get your flu shot between 8:30 am and 4 pm.