Houston County Schools looking to beef up security

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WTVY) — Since the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas in Parkland Florida, the issue of school safety has become more of a priority.

So Houston County Schools Superintendent David Sewell wants to make changes.

The county only has two school resource officers who must travel to the different schools.

Sheriff Donald Valenza says he's been trying to get more officers in the schools for years.

The two they have mainly stay in Wicksburg and Rehobeth because they are the towns that don't have police departments.

"We would love to have more officers in our schools but I understand you need more money to make it work and I have just been told it isn't in the budget," says Valenza

Officials say when it comes to school safety, if you hear something -- say something , because they treat every threat like the real deal.

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