Houston Co. man beats brother, charged with attempted murder

NEWTON, Ala. (WTVY) It's unclear what caused 45-year old Charles Stephen Senn to attack his brother.

"Typically when they have somebody come in and the police have not been notified with the severity of his injuries that he came in with, they contacted our office," Newton Police Chief Eric Duhaime said.

However, it was so severe, Flowers Hospital reached out to police.

"The victim, had severe head trauma. And apparently it turned into they had to monitor him from ICU last night. Neuro was called in," Duhaime said.

Police say Senn, a Houston Co. resident, planned the attack.

"There was a domestic altercation that took place there between two brothers. We found out that our victim was believed to have been struck multiple times with multiple blunt instruments," Duhaime said.

The Dale County Sheriff's Office is partnering with Newton Police on this ongoing investigation.

Senn is currently charged with attempted murde, but police say more charges could follow.

Senn had his first appearance before Dale County District Court Judge Stan Garner today. His bond was set at $60,000.