Homeschooled children offered online school in Pike County

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PIKE CO., (WTVY) - For some local districts, virtual school is an option. It allows students to learn in a non-traditional setting.

And now, one county is expanding the opportunity to include homeschooled students.

"Online education gives them an opportunity to work at their own pace,ā€ said Jeff McClure, director of alternative learning for Pike County Schools.

They introduced virtual schooling a couple years ago. The goal was to make sure each student is comfortable no matter how or where they take their classes.

"This is another avenue for them to consider. They don't necessarily have to home school on their own. They have other options."

Homeschooled students would report to the virtual campus to take tests, receive proper credits, take part in extracurricular activities, and of course socialize.

"I think this is going to fill a void in our state, and those kids are going to be able to participate in our activities and extracurricular events,ā€ said virtual school facilitator Jodi Jefcoat.

Hannah Griffin, who attends Pike County High School, has also been enrolled in the virtual program for a year.

"Iā€™m not a very sociable person. It's easier for me to communicate through the computer."

Because the number of home schooled students is growing, the county felt now was the time to expand.

Virtual access for them starts in the fall. Pike Co. Schools virtual program will be at a new location off Highway-231 in the beginning of May.

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