Homeless Count complete in Dothan

Tent City in Dothan
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DOTHAN, Alabama, (WTVY) -- Every year, Housing and Urban Development requires a count of the homeless population during the last 10 days in January.

This is how HUD determines the funding for the homeless.

Alabama Rural Coalition for the Homeless and volunteers spent the day in Houston, Geneva, Coffee and Dale counties to count the homeless.

ARCH serves 42 counties and Dothan is the biggest city it serves.

"People care in this community and the people in Dothan, especially within the last five or six years, have rallied around to do what's right rather than to do what's right for themselves," ARCH Program Director Lillian Zaworski said.

ARCH will be counting north Alabama’s homeless population next week.

The official count for the state will be released within the next week, but numbers from the counties will take a few more weeks.

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