Home Sweet Home: Foster Street, other historic downtown buildings could soon become residencies

Published: Jan. 16, 2020 at 11:13 PM CST
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The Downtown Dothan Redevelopment Authority gave the Community Development Advisory Board an update on projects during their meeting.

The old Juvenile Justice Center on Foster Street is currently being worked on by developers and will soon feature a dozen or so residencies, with the ground floor being available for retail.

Additionally, the old St. Andrews market building on the corner of Crawford and St. Andrews will hopefully be heading in the same direction once they find a developer. It will also feature residencies and retail.

The DDRA expects the buildings that feature these mixed use components will increase sales tax revenue downtown.

“Once you have people living downtown 24/7 then you’re really open for business 24-7. So those residents are going to be very interested in walking to their restaurants, the grocery stores, they’re going to spend more money locally in there downtown area and neighborhood where they’re living," explained DDRA executive director Jamie Bienvenu.

The DDRA also gave an update on the Old Medical Center building on the corner of Powell and Foster. It was lost in a fire last year, later determined to be arson.

The goal for the building and property is to convert it into a year-long farmers market, and the DDRA still intends to do so, however they are still in the process of removing the ruins from the fire off of the property.

The DDRA also says the new projects, once finished are expected to also boost sales for current downtown businesses.