Holmes County couple survives tree falling on home

At least one home was damaged by Thursday's storms, after a tree fell on a couple's house. (WJHG/WECP)
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BONIFAY, Fla. (WJHG) -- "They lost everything, but I'm so thankful they're okay," said Alice Pippins, who believes an angel was with her sister and brother-in-law Thursday when a tree fell through their home.

"They're both heart patients, and she has stage four COPD, and just keep praying for them because they're all I have," said Pippins.

For the past two days, Holmes County has seen flooding due to heavy rain and storms.

Emergency Management Director Wanda Stafford says it's not just wind, but flash flooding is creating problems for people also.

"Flash flooding is something that we don't have a lot but when we do it's areas that may be prone to being flooded. But it's not anything that usually gives us a problem, so what we experienced last night was places and roads that had water over them that usually do not go over," said Stafford.

"This can be replaced, but they [sister and brother-in-law] couldn't have been," said Pippins.

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