Guidance counselor creates a donation closet for prom season

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BONIFAY, Fla. (WTVY) - Sandra Bell came up with the idea to bring dresses to school for those who'd love one for prom.

"My daughter just got married in December, so I just started cleaning out a closet and that's kind of what sparked the idea,” said Bell.

A guidance counselor at Holmes County High School Susan saw a need for something like this at their school, so after going through her closet and passing the message around campus, she said , "Lots of prom dresses, and past Christmas ball dresses -- I said, "Somebody needs these."

And they do, throughout the day students come to the guidance counselor conference room to sort through the dozens of dresses donated by Sandra, other faculty and staff.

She says, “Probably about 50 to 75 dresses and probably 20 kids have come and just borrowed and used and taken."

The items aren’t only for girls...

"We've got some suits and things for the guys too.” said Bell

Mrs. Bell reassured us that it’s not just for students who can’t afford a gown or tuxedo.

"If you don’t want to spend that money, and just want to borrow one. They're welcome to do that too."

Like junior Madelynn McCain, "I think it’s a great opportunity that people can save money by just coming here and getting a dress. These are nice dresses, expensive dresses. I’m only going to wear mine once and I paid $600 -- that’s expensive!"

The dresses range from sizes double zero to twenty four.
"There’s many options, long dresses, short dresses and they're really pretty", said Daysha Smith also a junior at HCHS.

Even though it’s the first time doing this, Mrs. Bell hopes this will be a growing tradition..

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