Holmes County Couple looking to build Orphanage in Uganda for children and widows

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Geneva, AL (WTVY) One couple from Holmes County Florida is taking their heart for ministry overseas.
They want to rebuild and restore a population of Uganda that is searching for new life.

PLOW 127...
People loving orphans and widows...
An organization that stems from James 1:27.
Ira Galloway, Founder of PLOW 127 says:
"True and undefiled religion in the sight of god our father is to take care of orphans and widows in their times of distress and not be corrupted by the world."
That's exactly what Ira and his wife Susan are hoping to do in Uganda.

For Ira, it all started with a trip to Uganda in 2010.
Ira says:
"But once I got there you know, Uganda got in my heart..."
After several visits, Ira calls it more than a distant memory.
He took his wife with him shortly after they were married.
There was an instant cry for help in the community of Karamoja...
Often described as a "4th world country."

Hosea Nelson Kyasooka, Pastor in Uganda says:
"So the need is for pastors to be able to support themselves and also very many vulnerable children and widows because of wars and the aids epidemic."

Ira says:
"They say 14% of Uganda's population are orphans."
"Over 50% of the country is under 16 years old."
The average life span is 52 years.

Ira says:
"When a women's husband dies and she cannot bare more children she is basically viewed as worthless."
These widows are often left with no means of support.

Ira and his wife felt called to minister and plant an orphanage in Karamoja.
Ira finishes with:
"Our motto is to begin with dependence and then move to interdependence where we begin to help them become more self-supporting to independence and then our prayer is ultimately to abundance."

Right now Ira and Susan are working to raise 30,000 dollars to have the project completed.

The Crossing Church in Geneva where the Galloway's attend are planning on taking a mission team to Uganda in the summer of 2018.

If you'd like to donate to help in the construction of the orphanage, you can go to: http://www.plow127.org/home/ and click the ‘donate’ button.

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