Holiday Traffic Precautions

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- It’s the start of the summer season, so keep a few things in mind.

“While you’re on the road this year you really need to pay attention to the traffic around you. You need to make sure you’re not speeding. Speed is one of the biggest problems we have around the circle,” Sergeant Dennis Sallas of Dothan Police Department says.

This is especially true for the west side of the circle.

“They’re expanding the roadway. The speed limit has dropped right there. You have to be really aware of the construction workers also,” he says.

And even it’s stop and go, make sure you… “Stay off the phone stay focused on what’s ahead that way. I can’t get caught up in nothing bad. Just stay focused,” Bryson Horne, a traveler, says.

That’s good advice.

Pet owners should stay focused also.

“When you stop be sure that pet has a leash on it, that you have him under your control. It’s kind of scary when you lose your pet and your miles from home,” Veterinarian Brad Harris of Dothan Animal Hospital says.

Most of all, if you are planning to party, have a designated driver or call a cab.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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