Holiday Gift Returns

DOTHAN. Ala. (WTVY) -- For many folks, getting what they want means returning something different.

Store managers say December 26th is their second busiest day of the year.

If you find yourself wanting to exchange something, here's what you should do first.
Find out the store policy; many stores have only a 30 day return policy with receipts.

Some like JCPenney will refund you up to 60 days later, with a receipt and if the receipt is lost they can look it up in their system within a reasonable time frame.

But sales associate Crystal Green tells us no receipt no cash.

“Without a receipt you'll be able to do a even exchange but you can't just return it for cash it will be placed on a gift card for the lowest 90 day value."

It’s in your best interest to act fast. The item may be placed on sale after Christmas, so your refund without a receipt would be the new amount not what you paid.

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