Highway 84 East corridor planning sparks concern

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) If you drive down Highway 84 East, you can tell it hasn't been developed as much as other parts of the city.

Dothan city leaders are looking to increase development along Highway 84-East, but before they begin, they want the community's help.

Dothan Planning Commissioner, Bob Wilkerson says, "It is extremely important that citizens take interest in this and engage in this."

Dozens filled the Wiregrass Museum of Art for the second of four meetings to voice their opinion on the development of the highway.

Some homeowners in the Hidden Lake neighborhood have some concerns.

Jordan Davis, Vice President of the Homeowner's Association in Hidden Lake says, "We're just really hoping it's developed responsibly and with, you know, a lot of planning instead of just throwing it together."

Freddie Dykes is a resident in Hidden Lakes as well, and he said
"I'd like to see as much of the land preserved. And in some sense, while I'm for development, I'm not for total development. I'm for development in kind of special areas."

If they want to be heard, the need to be at the next two meetings this year.

The next planning meeting will be held on April 27th at the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

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