Highway 27's rights-of-way look like jungles and it's raising safety concerns

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) - Overgrowth on the rights-of-way on Geneva County’s Highway 27 is causing visibility issues for drivers.

Dan Fain runs a 350 acre farm and has lived along Highway 27 since the 80's .

He keeps his land maintained, but just on the other side of his house, the weeds and grass are out of control.

“Me and many others was wondering, you know what is the problem and what's going on,” said Fain.

While backing out of his driveway on Highway 27, he can't see on-coming traffic over the weeds in the right-of-way.

Dan's wife said when she goes to back out, she has to angle her vehicle so she doesn't hit anyone.

The state did some work on the road in March, when they planted the grass seed.

The Fains said they haven't seen anyone to maintain it since then.

"I've been tempted to cut it myself, but I figured somebody was gonna come by any day," said Fain.

The weeds just keep getting taller, and not just near the Fain's house.

The weeds and grass span miles along Highway 27 just North of Geneva.

"Our highways, in Alabama, used to be more beautiful,” said Fain.
A spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Transportation said they are aware of the issue and are sending out mowers as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns with a state highway, you can submit on the Department of Transportation’s website:

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