High speed chase in Malvern leads to accident

MALVERN, Ala. (WTVY) - One man is in jail and several police cars are damaged after a pursuit in Geneva County.

This all started when officers say Roderick Oderian Boggan, got mad at his girlfriend and stole her car.

"We had a call from a young lady off of Holden Lane in Malvern, who stated her and her boyfriend, and this had been an ongoing thing for about a week, had been fighting,” said Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms. “He had taken her car and left toward Slocomb."

That's when police got involved and told us the guy behind the wheel is no stranger to deputies. They have arrested him before as a juvenile.

A police officer tried to pull the driver, Roderick Oderian Boggan over by flashing his lights.They say Boggan didn't stop.

"As the old saying is, the chase was on,” said Helms.

Boggan crashed into a Slocomb police vehicle, which Helms believes was intentional, before ultimately stopping on North Main Street in Malvern.

"During the course of the arrest, when he was placed in one of my deputy's vehicles, he did some damage to that vehicle, so there's going to be a charge of criminal mischief on that one,” said Helms.

"A problem we've been coming into lately with a lot of our suspects, running from the scene and not thinking enough of the officer's life and trying to take it out because he wants to go back to jail,” said Helms.

Sergeant Perez Bruner with the sheriff's office added the damage to the vehicles is repairable, but it's a waste of tax-payer money for what should've been a simple traffic stop.

We spoke with his mother, Tammy Marshall, after his arrest and she tells us that her son is responsible for his actions.

But says she doesn't understand why deputies chased him when he was on a dirt road. She also says he was just trying to find a safe place to stop.

Marshall also tells us that Roderick has anger management issues and she has been trying to get him help for the past three years.

No court date has been set as of yet.

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