Hidden Lake residents request zoning change on a nearby lot

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DOTHAN, AL. (WTVY) - More than a dozen angry home owners, concerned about what's going to be built near their neighborhood, showed up at the planning commission Wednesday morning. They argued that multi-family housing would spoil their community and knock-down the value of their homes.

Nancy Tolar, a Dothan resident, says "I have lived there for 16 years and never been afraid of the community. If you put renters, that changes the atmosphere of the community and it changes frequently the residents who are there."

The lot borders the Hidden Lake subdivision. As it stands now, Hidden Lake is zoned as R3 but Berkshire Hathaway Home Services wants to zone it R4.

R4 would mean high density, multifamily housing.

Tonja Sasser, another resident, says "We're not opposed to growth, we welcome growth, but we want positive growth. R4 simply opened up the possibility for more negatives."

A realtor for Berkshire Hathaway argued it would be a good location for ACOM students and other renters.

"Well, there are many people in Dothan who travel maybe 30 minutes to an hour to work...that is not a reasonable reason to put town homes there, apartments, or small homes," replied Tolar.

After two hours of back and forth, the realtor backed down.

"We're very grateful that our voice was heard and the zoning request was changed to R3," said Sasser.

R3 means single family housing with a minimum lot size of 4000 square feet.

"Thankfully it was changed to R3 today, but the we're still facing the developer. They don't really have a plan, they don't have a developer...so we're not totally resolved,” said Tolar.

"The community support has been great. It's very encouraging to see neighbors come together. We all love the City of Dothan and we all love our neighborhood. It's good to work together,” replied Sasser.

The planning commission confirmed the property be zoned as R3.

The final decision lies in the hands of the Dothan City Commission.

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