Hidden Treasure in Geneva

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GENEVA, Ala. Pepper Smith, a mother of ten and a grandmother of thirty-one turned a hobby into a career.

It’s called the Treasure Hut.

"I’m not rich, I mean I’m not poor, and I survive every single day...but there’s others out there who don’t." says Smith.

Her goal is to end homelessness in Geneva, one person at a time.

She says, "I thought at first there was only 40, there is over 100 homeless people in this town."
It’s kind of like a consignment store, but almost nothing is off limits. Once donated and then sold, it’s given right back to the community.

"Sometimes if you donate a couch, and somebody will come through the door that’s had a house fire or something then I automatically donate the couch to them." Said Pepper.

Smith says, "If you are good enough to donate to me, i was going to be good enough to make sure the right people got it."

Pepper's goal goes far beyond the shop.

She hopes to soon open the first homeless shelter in the city.

"I want to go way beyond this right here, i just really want to spread the word. I saw how much they pulled together for the two house fires, I want them to pull together for the homeless people.” Said Pepper.

They'll start pulling together next week... When she meets with a group focused on the same goals.

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