Henry County makes plans to advance students to next grade levels

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 6:46 PM CDT
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Schools across the country are out for the year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, including those in Alabama.

Now the rush is on to ensure students are still learning at home and getting the skills they need to advance to the next grade.

Henry County Superintendent, Chris Padget, said teachers are in the process of preparing packets.

He said students in kindergarten through eighth grade should be prepared to go to the next grade level because teachers had already started preparing them for end of the year tests.

However, Padget said it is a little harder to determine if all high school students are ready for the next grade.

He said high schoolers' advancement will be based on their current grades and the work they have yet to turn in.

Right now, Padget said high school seniors are the county's top priority, as they are the ones preparing to graduate.

But not everyone gets a pass to the next grade.

“Not necessarily because we still have to look at the failures, and then would it be a credit recovery situation,” Padget said.

“We're on a semester system here. [So we would] send work out for credit recovery for 39 weeks, and see if we can get their average up to passing. Ninth through twelfth, that's a little bit different. We're looking at credits there, and we're going to send packets out just to make sure they get what they need to get,” Padget said.

Padget also said he wants to implement some on-line resources for parents and students, but that's tricky because some families don't have internet access.

He says he's also working to come up with a plan to make teachers to be available, so they can help students with those packets, but with no system of checks and balances, that work will completed through the "honor system."

As far as gradations and proms are concerned, Padget said those events will still happen, but they will have to wait until all of this blows over, and it's safe for everyone to gather in large groups again.