Henry County celebrates big day

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 6:49 PM CST
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Every seat was filled at the Abbeville United Methodist Church as Henry County celebrated it's 200th birthday.

"That were a day older than the state of Alabama and we take great pride in that and that were the mother county. counties like Houston, Geneva, Dale, Coffee were once part of Henry County. it was the largest county in the state at one time," David Money, probate judge/commission chairman for Henry County said.

One of those celebrated was T. Larry Smith, who has documented for years the history of the county.

"The Adam Museum is digitizing all of what T. Larry has written so it will be really easy to access. So anyone in Henry county or over the world can find out what our history is," Stormy Hicks, Henry County Bicentennial Committee said.

And the county wanted to celebrate the day with the future generations of Henry County with a time capsule.... that will be opened a century from now.

"It'll have what we thinks good for Henry county. The speech I gave today will be my letter to Henry County because I love this place, I was born here, I plan to die here, it's a wonderful place and as we said this morning a lot of good things about Henry County but nothing better than the 17,302 people that live here," Money said.

So that everyone can understand the importance of the past in the county.

"Teach your children, teach your grandchildren, whole classes, help them to understand the importance of the heritage and that they have an obligation to continue that and pass it on to their children," Money said.

Cities across Alabama will be celebrating the state's bicentennial..... including Huntsville where it all began 200 years ago.

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