Henry County Courthouse Reopening on Monday

The probate office inside the Henry County Courthouse.
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ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WTVY) Wiregrass businesses and services are progressively opening back up after being temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Henry County Courthouse in Abbeville will add its name to the growing list on Monday.

While almost all normal services will be available once again, probate judge and commission chairman David Money is focused on moving forward with safety in mind.

Anyone looking to enter the courthouse will have their temperature checked outside the door. Anyone with a fever will be immediately turned away. After being cleared from the temperature screening, they will arrive at another table to pick up a color-coded card depending on their reason for their visit. There will only be a certain number of cards handed out at once, depending on how many clerks are available. For example, there will only be 8 cards available for the probate office. Four for people being helped by the probate clerks, and four for people waiting in properly-spaced sections right outside the door.

After receiving their card, the public will go through security as normal, then be directed by signs and officers to the proper office. A hand sanitizing station will be located outside the probate office for use before people are allowed into the office when called by an available probate clerk. One their service is complete, they will exit the courthouse and return the card to the table they received it from.

Foot traffic through the courthouse will be directed in a one-way fashion to avoid close contact with other people as much as possible.

Additional safety measures being taken by the courthouse include a tempered glass shield that will be installed around the probate clerks' desks, and masks for all workers. While the courthouse cannot officially mandate that the public wear masks, David Money strongly encourages that the public wear a mask if possible. He also advises people to not bring their children with them during their visits.

Tag buyers that were supposed to transfer their tag in March, April, May, or June can still do so until June 19 without penalty.

The courthouse opens at 8 am on Monday morning. The courthouse could close as early as 3:30 pm Monday afternoon to ensure the clerks can accommodate everyone inside the building at the time without working several extra hours after closing.