Hendrix resigns as Daleville head baseball coach

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DALEVILLE, Ala. We first told you about a Daleville baseball coach being placed on administrative leave almost a month ago. There is now a decision on what Justin Hendrix's fate will be.

Hendrix first received a letter January 16th notifying him he had been placed on administrative leave as a baseball coach at Daleville High School and PE teacher at Windham Elementary. Also notifying him that on February 19th at the Board of Education meeting their would be a decision made on his termination.

Superintendent Lisa Stamps sent the letter recommending he be terminated. Stamps made the decision after hearing several concerns from staff and administrators at the school.

The last time we spoke with superintendent Lisa Stamps she mentioned this was a personnel matter not an athletic matter... His job as a baseball coach was not a factor in the decision.

That meeting only took about 10 minutes and WTVY spoke with superintendent Lisa Stamps after the meeting and she stated Hendrix sent a letter in last Friday resigning before the February 19th meeting.

"We did hire a person tonight to fill that position but first and foremost they will be a PE teacher at Wyndham Elementary and then secondly their duties for coaching will be their duties for coaching. We are very excited, baseball was a very big part of this hire," Daleville City Schools Superintendent, Lisa Stamps said.

Hendrix did have the opportunity to submit a written statement of why he should not be terminated by February 14th. Hendrix did send the letter by the due date notifying the board he had resigned, according to Stamps.