Helping stranded marine mammals post-Irma

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(WTVY) There's plenty footage of people trying to help the animals in south Florida, but officials say those good Samaritans may have done more harm than good.
There wasn't any reports of beached marine mammals in our area, but officials say it's important to learn the proper protocol if one does come across a stranded animal.
"Anytime an animal washes up on the beach, it's basically their last chance for survival. That's where we come in for the rescue and they're always sick or debilitated even if they don't look like it from the outside. but there's definitely something going on for that animal to be on the beach."
According to the director of Gulf World Marine Institute, if you do come across a distressed animal on the beach, contact wildlife officials immediately.
Gulf World is the only long-term rehab facility for marine mammals in the panhandle.

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