Henry County proposes voting precinct changes

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) -- It's about 8 months away from election day in Alabama. Voting locations could soon be changing in Henry County.

Tuesday commissioners said yes to moving several current voting locations.

District 1, 2 and 5 currently vote at the Headland voting house.

Under the proposal, Districts 2 and 5 would move to Greater Shiloh Missionary Church.

District 2 voters who currently vote at Douglas Cross Roads would also see a change. Commissioners would like to move voting to Camp Springs Church.

District 3 and 4 voters at the Wills Cross Roads could move to Old Zion Church.

Probate Judge David Money says the current houses are too small, unfit and costly when it comes to upkeep. Space is the main issue for making the moves.

"2016, during the presidential election there wasn't a time in the day that 100 to 150 people weren't lined up ready to vote," said Money.

There is a meeting Wednesday with the pastors of churches the commission wants to use for voting locations.

Officials have until September 1st to make it official and notify the public of voting changes.

Under the plan, each church would receive some funding for their efforts.

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