Headland PD receives upgraded technology from ADECA grant money

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) - Funding in small communities can often be a challenge.

City and town councils just don't have the money to make every purchase they would like.

That often leads to some older equipment being used by local agencies.

Last month, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey awarded a grant for nearly$23,000 to Headland to make needed equipment improvements.

Chief Mark Jones used their funds to purchase new laptops, 10 Axon body cameras, digital printers and 10 new Tough Book computers.

Corporal William Sanders has only been in law enforcement for two years, but long enough to notice the difference between their new technology and their old. Specifically the Axon body cams.

"Before we start, we go ahead and flip our switch at the top.. this right here will ring red.. it lets us and them know that we are recording live just in case. It keeps the he said, she said down just in case we have to go to court for a situation like that.. it's a good tool.. it helps us for our safety and everybody else."

Chief Mark Jones also made sure they upgraded from regular laptops to every officer having Tough Books.

"Laptops in the field is not feasible due to the temps in the car.. temps outside, durability, vibrations in the road.. It was a regular laptop which didn't last long."

The new laptops here. They have built in GPS, but that's not all.

Tough Books are faster, stronger and more durable computers, with the latest internal software that's made for law enforcement.

The department is still waiting on the thermal printers where they can print citations from the car, but anticipates they will arrive by the end of this week.

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