Hawk-Houston Youth Enrichment Center re-opens

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) A new beginning for the former Hawk-Houston Boys and Girls Club in Dothan, after having its charter revoked in January.

Jovanna Jones is one of the kids who comes to the center and she says "I missed all my friends, and my activities and my summer... vacations and stuff we used to do."

The Boys and Girls Club of America revoked its charter in January and it was set to shut down after operating for more than 50 years. It took hard work and dedication to get it up running again.

Dothan City Commissioner Janasky Flemming says the club is part of the community.

He says "I myself, I'm a product of the at the time Hawk-Houston County Boys and Girls Club, you know years ago when I was smaller, so I know what it can do for kids and what it does for the community."

The Center's director, Altha Newman understands the role it plays in education.

Newman says "We do a lot of work with the academics, helping them with homework and things like that, and that becomes very important. Just to come and play is not as important as what we do with helping them with their homework."

Flemming adds ""It's just a pleasure to know that the community is still thriving, to know that the club is still open, and helping children."

Despite losing the Boys and Girls Club name, the Center can now sharpen its focus on the quality of programs available for kids.

The center is always looking for help from volunteers. If you are interested, the number is (334) 792-4618.

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