Harvest Heydays at Landmark Park

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) - Landmark Park is in its Heydays!

This week during Harvest Heydays the Landmark Park partnered with their educational team to teach children pre-k through 5th grade science and history on things like pumpkins and other agricultural crops.

"Students can come out and learn about the fall harvest so it's a really great time for them,” says public relations director Laura Stakelum.

Nearly 700 students have already registered for the events, but field trips to Landmark Park are offered year round.

Stalkum says, “We can do whatever necessary to accommodate the teacher’s needs."

Education Director Anna Holman explains how their education must meet state and national standards.

This includes the history of a fall favorite, the pumpkin!

She demonstrated how Native Americans used them for all kinds of things; she says “they used the pumpkin itself as a bowl, they would roast the seeds just like we do, and they would cook with the pumpkin similar to how we do with pumpkin pies and everything, so yeah a lot of people don't realize that pumpkins are a squash."

Students are able to learn first-hand what it’s like to be a farmer.

The children loved picking out pumpkins and finding the biggest piece of cotton; however, tasting raw sugar cane---not so much.

Landmark Park is expecting their biggest crowd on Friday--where they'll educate about 500 students.

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