Wicksburg changes gun fundraiser after controversy

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NEWTON, Ala. (WTVY)-- Brandi Roth Locke became furious when she saw a flyer showing that the Wicksburg Quarterback Club was planning to raffle off 20 guns.

(Photo: Brett Hondow)

A raffle now cancelled because of complaints by Locke and others.

Locke has a tenth grader and an eighth-grader attending Wicksburg.

She is a mom sensitive to gun violence, especially on school campuses.

“Those in Parkland, those at Sandy Hooks, all of these communities even back to Columbine, how in the world would those families feel about a school system that supports adding weapons to a community,” says Locke.

Brandi has witnessed other gun violence multiple time. In some cases the violence has been self-inflicted.

“Instead of reaching out to someone she reached for a gun and took her own life,” says Locke.
When she learned Wicksburg's quarterback club planned to raffle guns she became outraged. So much so she sent a letter to the school.

“Basically what I got was, I hear you but we're not going to change anything,”

Even though the quarterback club is a stand alone organization from the school, its students are selling tickets, and money raised would benefit Wicksburg's athletic programs.

“I just think that there is no justifiable reason or justifiable place for guns or weapons to intersect with schools and school kids,” says Locke.

The quarterback club decided to remove guns from the raffle Monday afternoon. Instead, they will offer gift cards.

The club tells us they want to respect the opinion of those who oppose raffling guns.

That's good news for Brandi Locke and those concerned with gun violence at schools.

“We're looking at something that has become an epidemic and I think it would be just a travesty to try to pretend that in Houston County it can't happen here.”

Locke is a member of Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. That's a national organization that works to get public safety measures implemented to prevent gun violence.

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