Gulfport, Miss. native finds Super Bowl IV tickets in parents’ attic

Gulfport native finds Super Bowl IV tickets in parents’ attic (Source: WLOX)
Gulfport native finds Super Bowl IV tickets in parents’ attic (Source: WLOX)(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 12:00 PM CST
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In the days after Katrina, Jim Walker remembers trying to salvage anything he could from his parents’ house in Gulfport.

“Everything’s destroyed,” Walker said. “I went up in the attic, there was a box. And in that box were un-used Super Bowl Tickets between the Vikings and the Chiefs.”

That game was Super Bowl IV at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. It was the first time the Big Easy hosted the game and, until now, the last time Kansas City made it to the big game. At that time, the AFL and NFL were two separate leagues.

As for the tickets, the face value at that time for each of them was $15. But, why would un-used Super Bowl tickets remain in his parent’s attic?

"My mother was the mayor’s secretary of Gulfport back in the ’60s and ’70s, Billy Meadows,” Walker added. “He had gotten them and given them to the staff. They told me they were going to the game, but they didn’t go. Thought about it last year and thought what about if the Chiefs win? And here we are, 50 years later.”

Aside from wondering why his parents didn’t go the game, Walker ponders what he will do with the tickets, especially since they’ve been authenticated and appraised for $5,000.

"People keep asking me what are you going to do with the tickets? I'll probably take them back and put them in the vault,” He said. “You know, if J'Lo or Snoop Dog wants to buy them...hey, call me."

Walker also found another interesting trinket in that box. A proclamation made by Meadows to make actress Jayne Mansfield an honorary citizen of the city, but she never received the citation. The plaque was dated seven days before Mansfield’s tragic death in a car accident outside of New Orleans in 1967.

The city had planned to give her the certificate when she returned from that trip.

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