Greater Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce shares their new vision

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GENEVA, AL. (WTVY) With help from the community, the Greater Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce is hoping to expand their reach in the community.

Lori Shortt, President of Greater Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, says "We look at it as a win-win situation. We feel like this is our own little paradise that we live here. In so doing, we want to provide a future for our children."

For that future to happen there needs to be growth in the community.

"That means we need to attract more businesses. We need to empower our current businesses to reach the next level," replied Shortt.

One local business owner says to attract new businesses it's important to shop local.

Joe McLeod, Owner of McLeod’s Hometown Appliance, Lawn Tractors, and Parts, says "People didn't shop locally, I wouldn't be here. You have to have business in order to stay in business."

McLeod says small businesses make the heart of a small town.

"Without small businesses, a small town is not going to survive. In order to attract small businesses, anyone driving through our town or visiting our town needs to find a halfway attractive place that makes them want to come here and make it a part of their life," replied McLeod.

"We are working on a very short survey that we would like to send to every business in the area basically just asking a few questions, giving them the opportunity to tell us what their needs are," said Shortt.

Not only will the new location have plenty of space to host events, it'll also house a small business resource center inside the facility.

"We needed a larger space because we need an area that we can provide resources to our current members and also to possibly use to soliciting new businesses," replied Shortt.

While re-vamping itself, the chamber is hoping to bring more businesses to the area so people can shop locally.

"When we spend local, we increase our tax base and of course when we increase our tax base, we can have better roads, better education, and better police force," said Shortt.

The chamber board cannot do this by themselves; this will require the help of community members.

If you would like to become a member, call the chamber at 334-684-6582.

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