Governor Ivey visit Webb Elem. for Alabama Bicentennial celebration

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WEBB, Ala. (WTVY) -- Houston County’s Webb Elementary is one of 200 schools chosen to qualify for a bicentennial grant.

After submitting 450 letters, to compete for the bicentennial grant Governor Ivey accepted the invitation to visit Webb Elementary School.

Bicentennial grant writer Karen Mann said, “Just the recognition for a rural school like Webb it is tremendous and it means a lot to the community because the community is vested in this."

The program was put on and led by students, but everyone played a major part in making this day special.

5th grade student Daniel Johnson said, “I am saying the Alabama State Creed and it's important because the Alabama State Creed is telling us how much I love Alabama and how much I believe in it as a state and this union."

For other students, it was a chance to learn about the state as a whole.

3rd grader Alayna Buie said, "It's not just about education it's about having fun its learning and it's great because we got to spend time with people that sometimes we don't get too ."

Although the governor made an appearance the grant isn't a done deal and the school still has work to do to get to the finals

"We have to fulfill our grant requirements with the application then it goes before a panel then it goes through a rubric then they'll let us know at the end of August first of September who has been selected.”

And of course, students are hoping their school will make it

5th grader Destin Martin said, "I’m honored I feel really unique because I got chosen out of 400-500 kids."

Administrators at Webb tell us this is the first year ever that a governor has come to visit students in the Wiregrass.

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