Governor Kay Ivey issues supplement on ongoing state of emergency

ALABAMA -- (WTVY) UPDATED: 09/06/2017 9:32 p.m.
Governor Kay Ivey issued a statement to the ongoing State of Emergency in Alabama, issuing a supplement to extend the hours-of-service waiver for motor carriers and waive weight regulations on commercial vehicles transporting emergency-related goods that are in direct response to Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma.
Today (Sept. 1) she declared a state of emergency.
This comes as gas prices in the state continue to rise.
The average price of gas in Alabama is $2.42 per gallon. That's up almost 12 cents from yesterday, and 32 cents from last week.
This declaration lifts federal limits on the number of hours fuel transporters can work.
It also makes it illegal for any person to charge unreasonable prices for goods and services, including gasoline.
Ivey says "this disruption in supply inherently placed upward pressure on gasoline prices, but does not justify the imposition of unconscionable prices."
The storm crippled as many as 15 gulf coast refineries, as well as Colonial Pipeline's southeast fuel artery.

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