Governor Ivey speaks at Dothan Rotary, doesn't mention senate race

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — We are two weeks away from the senate election in Alabama and with so much national attention on the race, that is the one thing Governor Kay Ivey didn't want to talk about as she visited Dothan on Monday.

Ivey says, "The ship has been steadied, Alabama is open for business, now it is time to steer the ship."

Governor Ivey was the guest speaker at the Dothan Rotary Club.

She says, "Without good leadership at the local level, we can't succeed at the state or national level."

She was happy to talk about the progress in the state, such as the unemployment rate;

"Down to 3.6 percent, that is the lowest rate ever recorded in the state and that is huge news."

But one thing missing from her speech, any reference to the Alabama US Senate race between Doug Jones and Roy Moore.

Ed Vaughn is the president of the Houston County Democratic Party.

He says, "I think the Governor didn't say much because she doesn't have much to say because she is on the wrong side of a moral issue."

That moral issue, multiple allegations that Republican Roy Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with several girls and women. .

John Gormley is the president of the Dothan Rotary Club.

He says, "I believe politics doesn’t have a place in Rotary, that's why the election didn't come up. I'll just say, whatever happens, happens."

White House officials say President Trump wont campaign for Moore. But the governor, a few weeks ago, said she will support Moore.

"That's what I plan to do, vote for the Republican nominee, Roy Moore."

Governor Ivey didn't take questions from the media.

The senate election is December, 12th.

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