Goulart ruled incompetent to stand trial for murder

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- A Daleville man charged with murdering his brother will be placed in a mental health facility and his trial delayed indefinitely.

A forensic psychologist ruled Thomas Goulart is incompetent to stand trial for the shooting of 52-year old Chris Goulart last year.

Prosecutors had planned to dispute those findings in a hearing scheduled Tuesday, May 14. However, they have now agreed to put the case on hold while Thomas Goulart receives mental treatment.

Per court documents, the physiologist believes it will take between six and 12 months to restore Goulart's mental state to a level of competency required for trail.

His competency is not the only issue in this case.

An independent investigation brought into question how police handled the investigation. Ultimately, at least one officer resigned and the police chief apparently retired in that report's aftermath.

One issue is the failure to conduct a post mortem on Chris Goulart’s body.

“I’ve tried many murder cases but I can’t recall one where we’ve had a trial without an autopsy. I believe, in this case, the body was cremated,” defense attorney David Harrison said.

There are also questions surrounding the sobriety of investigators the night of the shooting that occurred in November, 2018.

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