Gordon man arrested in Bainbridge after ‘2-day crime spree’ at Walmart

Rodney Paul Burgans (Source: Bainbridge Public Safety's website)
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BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - A man from Gordon was arrested in Bainbridge, GA after officials said he stole nearly $1,400 worth of items from Walmart during what Bainbridge Public Safety (BPS) called a “two-day crime spree.”

Rodney Paul Burgans, 43, was arrested Saturday after a Walmart loss prevention associate said they saw Burgans shoplifting items and recognized him as the man who shoplifted multiple items from the store the day before, according to BPS.

BPS said it received a call Saturday that Burgans was in custody at Walmart. When officers arrived, they found Burgans vehicle with an Alabama tag that was registered to a vehicle.

Burgans was then placed under arrest and admitted to changing out the tag on his vehicle to keep from being identified, according to BPS.

During Burgans’ “two-day crime spree,” BPS said he stole two televisions along with other items from the Bainbridge Walmart.

When BPS searched Burgans’ vehicle, investigators said they found several items from Walmart as well as tools they believed were stolen from another retail store.

Investigators also said they found two electronic security deactivation devices that could be used to turn off the alarm sensor retail stores attach to valuable items.

BPS said Burgans was charged with theft by shoplifting and unlawful use of license plates. However, BPS said that once the case was turned over to Investigator Chris Jordan for further investigation, Burgans was also charged with felony shoplifting.

“Burgans has an extensive arrest record, not just for shoplifting. We are glad we were able to catch this guy who came to Bainbridge from out-of-state to steal from our local retail establishments,” Jordan said.

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