Golf tournament, bike competition expected to bring 1 million in traveling revenue

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 5:39 PM CDT
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For Holiday Inn Express Sales Director Celeste Jones, the next couple of days will be good for her business.

“This is huge. Our hotel should be full, as well as the other hotels here in the area. We’ve got extra staff on board," she said.

Starting Friday, the Circle City BMX Nationals will take place, and the Future Masters golf tournament will begin on Saturday—bringing thousands to the area.

“We’ve got multiple countries represented in both the Future Masters and the BMX this weekend, 27 states coming to town from all over as far away as Washington, California, coming to Dothan Alabama and the Wiregrass to compete in their sport,” Visit Dothan president and CEO Aaron McCreight explained.

And these events are projected to bring in some big bucks.

“The BMX, we’re looking at about a little over a million dollars alone in this USA BMX event for a weekend," McCreight said, "the Future Masters about $500,000 in visitor spending.”

While the traffic may get a little heavier and the restaurants a little more crowded during the next couple of days, McCreight assures it’s a good thing.

“If we don’t have people coming to town then we don’t have those dollars coming to town and now we as people living in Dothan well now we’re paying more taxes because we don’t have visitors helping us.”

So during the next 10 days, McCreight asks that you show visitors some southern hospitality.

“If you see somebody out and about and you’re welcoming them to your store or shop or your restaurant, let them know how happy we are that they’re here, and they’re taking the time to come to Dothan and take in everything that we have.”

Admission to both events is free, however there will be a $10 parking fee at the Circle City BMX Nationals.