Georgia Power increasing monthly bills starting January 2020

Published: Dec. 19, 2019 at 10:18 AM CST
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The Georgia Public Service Commission approved Georgia Power for an increase that will bring an additional $1.68 billion to the company over the next three years.

Look around your house. How many lamps do you have on? How many electronic devices are charging? These power sources add up on your monthly electric bill.

Aahil Makahani, a local resident, said, “I don’t understand. If they’re providing the same service, and I’m not getting any extra benefit, and they’re not providing a more efficient way of getting power...”

However, their plan for the increase may be worth it.

A Georgia Power representative said the rising costs will help with storm restoration, investments in their power grid infrastructure, and providing more reliable and adaptable power.

Breaking this down further, the average person uses nearly 1,000 kilowatts of power a month. Your refrigerator alone uses anywhere from 80 to 200 kilowatts per month since it is running constantly. If you are an average user, you can expect your monthly bill to increase by $6.

Some are still not convinced.

Local resident, Justus Armstrong, said, “I know it is only $6, but we have other bills to pay- whether that is internet, water, or anything else. $6 goes a long way, especially to anyone who is young and in college, and just starting out paying their bills.”

Georgia Power added a new feature to make up for the initial shock of the increase. Georgia Power will be covering all transaction fees when a customer uses their debit or credit card at a payment location.

Time will tell if the increase is popular with customers.

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