Geneva honors native on Memorial Day

(WTVY News 4)
Published: May. 25, 2020 at 4:25 PM CDT
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Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering those who died while serving in the US military. And today, the city of the Geneva honored one of their own.

There are several Memorial Day traditions but the city of Geneva has their own, as they gathered to honor one native who fought for their freedom.

"This is what this park is all about, when you come around the curve and you see this big sign, Robert Fowler, he died for his country, he died for the reasons were here today," mayor city of Geneva, Frankie Lindsey said.

Sergeant major, Robert Allen Fowler served 22 years in the US army before his death in Vietnam War.

"This day means a lot to me and of course being the mayor of the city of Geneva it's an extra gratification to know we are doing this for the Fowler family and all of the fallen soldiers who lost their lives," Lindsey said.

Fowler's legacy lives on, as the town unveiled the new sign, once again dedicating the Robert A. Fowler Memorial Park to him and his family.

"It just shows me that the people of Geneva didn't forget him, he was my dad and some people knew him longer than I did, he was killed right before my 10th birthday. I tried to live up to his standard and I see why he loved the town. And my mother and family said I need to be raised here, to be raised right, and they were right," Dewey Fowler, veteran/son of Robert Fowler said.

A way to represent Fowler and the many others who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"It's very important that we continue to tell the message to the next generation so that they understand the sacrifice that was brought upon families and upon soldiers for their service to this country so that we can be here today, so that we can worship the way we want to, so we can enjoy the freedoms this country provides us," colonel retired, Mark Jones said.

As bricks line the front of the park, a memorial to honor heroes for their selflessness

"It shows me how proud I am of him and I hope they're proud of him too. I hope we represent this town as well as they represent themselves. My family has always loved this town and well always be here. I'm proud of everyone who lives here and all the work they did," D. Fowler said.

The event featured the historic flag raising ceremony where the first city flag to fly over Geneva was unveiled.

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